Social Background

Mr Syed has distinguished himself, with Social Campaigning, for many years, for example, for Imran Khan (Pakistan, Prime Minister), to raise funds for Imran’s Cancer Appeal in June 1992, as The President of South Asian Forum, in University of London. Imran did say, “I’d like to thank the students of the University of London, the South Asia Forum and Mr Fida Ayyub Syed (Bobby) for all their worthy endeavours”. This campaign was supported by Lady Diana Spencer, who had visited Pakistan on numerous occasions, and involved with The Royal Marsden. The Shaukat Khunam Hospital provides free health care. He was entrusted by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), to launch his first major Album since retiring, entitled “I Have No Cannons That Roar”, through a PR Campaign in 1997. It was for charity to support the Bosnian Muslims who had suffered a horrible genocide. The perpetrators of these War Crimes have since been imprisoned. He also conducted, this high profile EMMA Trust Ad campaign, highlighting, growing Far-Right politics in 2010 UK general election after their subsequent success, in the European Election. These Ads by colleagues at Saatchi & Saatchi were recognised by the Global advertising Industry as one of the best Ads during the whole of 2010 – that attracted global media coverage as far as Australia. Mr Syed through EMMA undertook Lobbying, PR & Marketing campaigns, alongside advertising to promote ‘Social Cohesion’. With a conference at University of London, after the 2011 London Riots, with a distinguished panel of guests that included Tony Benn, Darcus Howe, Alan Yentob, Simon Hughes MP, Keith Vaz MP, Prof Paul Rogers and Nirj Deva MEP to name a few, this was chaired by Rageh Omar and Mr Syed to support 2012 Olympic. There was a risk this could also happen during the 2012 Olympics, but national unity prevailed, due to independent initiatives by people like Mr Syed. The opening ceremony recreated EMMAs Multicultural successes, with the same EMMA winners, now carrying the Olympic flag. Other campaigns had included, fundraising for The Anti-Slavery Society as The President of Vauxhall College, and numerous fundraising events at universities with many debates. This is relevant with modern day slavery and human trafficking on the rise. Within Britain alone it has risen by 245%, in the last five years. He has conducted numerous lobbying campaigns, noticeably, the recognition, of the Commonwealth Soldiers, who fought during the First World War; at Commemoration ceremonies held in August 2014, so that media, establishment, and exhibitions reflect its appreciation for all these one million who scarified their lives for our present freedom which can repeat itself – through a growing tribalism, racism, extremism and fascism. Especially with the rise of Far Right politics. In 2018, Mr Syed had supported the pioneering work of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex, to tackle the stigma around ‘Mental Health’. With consequence leading to increased suicide, especially amongst men less than 45yrs, with the help of colleagues at Ogilvy & Mather, through this hard hitting Ad campaign. Some reports have even equated stress to triggering Cancer issues. The dynamic use of his campaigning skills emerged, with a National Football Team v The World XI, to raise money for HRH Prince William Cancer Charity, The Royal Marsden. He has equally focused on a conference to celebrate Multicultural Football with a possible England bid for ‘2030 World Cup’. He identified a need to reclaim the England flag as a symbol for the Far Right, as he did with the Union Jack, through his advertising and EMMA showcase. This is in the form of an exhibition, celebrating Multicultural history of Football and present Diversity, as seen through the English Football Team during FIFA 2018 World Cup. This was also apparent within the French National Team, who ultimately won, The World Cup. In celebration of this, his Global love for Football was used to tackle a common enemy ‘Cancer’, regardless of one’s, race, creed or religion under this ‘FCMatch’ banner through the ‘Finish Cancer’ campaign on a global scale. So that each country, can raise awareness and funds to fight the increasing Cancer rate.