FC Match

The ‘FC’ in ‘FCMatch’ stands for Finish Cancer, through the power of Football. This is not only an opportunity to support a noble institution, but to harness humanity’s collective strength to fight Cancer together.

Funds from this fundraising Football Match will go to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, whose President Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge has followed his mother’s (Lady Diana Spencer) footsteps in supporting the work of The Royal Marsden Hospital. It is the first hospital in the world dedicated to the study and treatment of Cancer and was founded as the Free Cancer Hospital in 1851 by Dr. William Marsden.

The beautiful game, as it’s known, discovered football legends like Pele and created a global culture that is truly ‘Multicultural’. This was reflected in the FIFA 2018 World Cup where fans gathered to admire football from each nation to continent. Even the makeup of the four top teams had at it core this ‘Multicultural’ base that has reflected the best of humanity working together regardless of one’s race, creed or religion.

The global viewing figures testify to the love of football culture, with the highest audiences from those countries that didn’t even have a national team participating. The World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the World far exceeding even the Olympics, which has far more participants. Hopefully, one day the FIFA World Cup will be played here in Great Britain, maybe 2030 if the powers that be decide to pursue the dream for us. However, we should focus on using this powerful game for good, by fighting Cancer.

We will invite a major Footballing nation to help us raise money to fight Cancer in our FCMatch. They will be complemented by a ‘World XI’, as competitors for the viewers around the World. This will be the most watched Football match ever that equally is ‘Multicultural’ in essence. However, the styles of the competing teams will differ, creating a feast for any Football fan to watch and admire.

As much as the teams will have their own unique edge, we will not forget the players’ individual achievement, hence awarding them the ‘Bobby Moore, Man of The Match’.

The core objective is to raise money for The Royal Marsden in the UK through seat sales at Wembley, and a subsequent donation made by viewers. This fundraising initiative is to be duplicated by broadcasters around the world, encouraging their own viewers to donate monies for their own Cancer organisations and causes. Together, this will form the largest ever humanitarian fundraising event in the world and the most significant assault on a common enemy that kills.

The fact that Cancer is on the rise in every part of the world means its certain death for the poor in developing countries. This is not the case in developed countries, but still has a terrible effect on both sufferers and families. This FCMatch showcase will ultimately create huge awareness around the World about Cancer, leading to better prevention and a pro-active support for scientists, medical professionals, victims and their families.

Football as shown has the power to unite us and football teams have the power to not only show us the best in team work, but how we can fight Cancer together, or any other type of illness. Take, for instance, mental health, where there’s a higher risk of a male suicide in comparison to women, due to growing alienation amongst men below the age of 45 in the UK.