About Us

EMMA was formed in 1997 to promote the ‘Power of Inclusive’ (PIM) through a proper definition of ‘Multiculturalism’. We achieved this through many ground-breaking Media campaigns. As a think-tank, we offer expert consultancy, training, and seminars, to deal with how “Inclusion” creates better business and build better communities for Governments & Corporates. This has won many awards through our many Saatchi & Saatchi Cultural Ad campaigns. As such, EMMA is a full service Media company, offering client bespoke service

The EMMA Awards on BBC & ITV was the first ever ‘Creative Industry’ awards ceremony which defined creativity through ‘Multiculturalism’. This was especially relevant to a growing urban culture, away from the usual ghetto ‘stereo-types’, which led in fashion and growing global consumerism. We helped make London into a major Metropolitan hub, with a cosmopolitan lifestyle away from the elites, who had created their own consumer enclave. We believe that a rich diverse cultural base, rather than a consumer elite culture, is the real basis of a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The Department of Culture, Media & Sports (DCMS), was formed in 1997, The same time as EMMA, to reflect the ‘Creative Industry’. The DCMS, published its Creative Industry Mapping Documents in 1998, at the same time EMMA conducted its first creative industry Awards ceremony that emphasised the need to recognise multiculturalism at its core to all creative ideas and initiatives. EMMA’s own pioneering initiative had been acknowledged by The Secretary of State, The Rt. Hon. Chris Smith MP, had also help to define creative industries.

The United Nations finally recognised the Creative Industry sector in 2004, under their United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).They stated, “the creative industries are among the most dynamic sectors in the world economy providing new opportunities for developing countries to leapfrog into emerging high-growth areas of the world economy.” This is exactly what EMMA had stated to define creative sector in forming the EMMA Awards.

EMMA previously helped brand London 2012 Olympic Games ‘Multicultural’, to display Britain as a major multicultural society against the previous ‘Middle England’ definition. This increased tourism by 12% adding £3.37 billion, to UK revenue.

The Rt. Hon. Maria Miller MP, Secretary of State for DCMS stated in 2014, “Culture matters. The reputation of UK culture equips us with a level of trust, soft power and influences many other major countries, can only aspire…. Over 1.68m people work in the UK’s creative industries. These people contribute to a sector worth more than £70 billion (growth) last year than any other sector”.

With the Creative Industry Council formation, they went on to predict (January 2014) that by 2025 the UK will become the global “Creative Service Hub”, as it was revealed £8 million an hour for the UK economy is generated by this sector.